Pidherneys has 10+ years’ experience building ice roads and drill pads We also have up to 500km of access per winter from seismic freeze into full winter drill/ose core programs, completions, and reflectors, working with new ROW and traditional winter access. Our construction crew has decades of experience setting up temp bridges, making snow, building snow fills/creek crossings, assuring our client has made the correct decision.

As the process moves on through the winter months, Pidherney’s has you covered on the tail end. We provide experienced welders to complete cut and caps on projects and even provide on-site clean up including reclamation of sites, spreading woody debris and snow, creek crossings, and bridge removal.

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All levels of supervision have a great deal of experience to handle any and all obstacles that may arise throughout the winter months, including warmer weather and changing schedules. We will do everything necessary to ensure the project runs safely, smoothly, and efficiently in all aspects.

Our list of Equipment in regard to Ice Road & Core Hole Pad Construction include:

  • Tundra Snow Machines
  • Argos with Heated Cabs
  • 36 Inch Snow Fans With Power Packs, Pumps & All Accessories
  • Low Ground Pressure Water Trucks (Large floater tires)
  • Water Trucks
  • Tandem Axle Low Ground Pressure Box Trucks (Large Floater Tires)
  • Small To Large Rubber Tire Loaders
  • Rubber Tire Backhoe’s
  • Small To Large Excavators
  • Snow Cats
  • 450JD LGP Dozers
  • 650JD LGP Dozers
  • D6N LGP Dozers
  • Small to Medium Tractors
  • Small to Medium Motor Graders
  • Small to Large Tire Drags
  • 1-30Ft Bridge
  • 1-60Ft Bridge
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