Pidherney’s offers fully equipped Directional Drilling services throughout all of Alberta in the municipal, shallow utility, and oil and gas sectors.

Our fully trained crew has extensive experience in transmission pipeline and civil construction, and understands what is required to install and complete projects of all sizes in a safe and timely manner.  

With 100,000 pounds of pullback and 12,000 pounds of rotational torque, our Ditch Witch 100 and our Ditch Witch 100 All-Terrain are built for extended range bores and installation of small to large diameter pipe. Our 100 All-Terrains patented two-pipe system can drill and install pipe in the most challenging ground conditions.

Directional drilling is a method of installing underground systems like water, sewer, and gas lines. It’s a less disruptive form of drilling that allows technicians to place these required systems under the ground without causing damage to the earth’s surface or nearby buildings and structures.

In addition to being one of the the least invasive forms of drilling, directional drilling is also significantly more cost-effective than other methods, due to the fact that minimal restoration is required after the job is done.
While methods like open-cut trenching, the earth is dug up in order for technicians to lay their pipelines or other systems beneath the ground. This means that the soil must then be replaced, and landscaping must be re-done in order to return the area to its original state.

Plus, with open-cut trenching, technicians run the risk of cutting into current systems that are already beneath the surface.
With directional drilling, however, systems can be installed nearly anywhere, with less mess and in less time. Learn More

Some additional benefits of directional drilling include:

  • Increased safety due to less intensive operations
  • Reduced impact on the environment
  • Less groundwater contamination
  • Decreased damage to underground rock formations
  • Requires less extensive permitting

Contractors You Can Count On

At Pidherney’s, our directional drilling technicians are trained to properly and safely install pipelines and other systems under a range of environmentally sensitive areas. Whether there’s a body of water in the way, or a large piece of infrastructure, we can ensure that your project is completed professionally, without damage to surrounding areas.
Our dedicated drillers are trained to manage risks, accurately assess drill sites, and address environmental concerns, providing a comprehensive, knowledgeable level of service each and every time.

Do you have questions about our qualifications? Contact us today. One of our sales representatives would be happy to provide the answers you’re looking for.

Edmonton Directional Drilling

Are you looking for directional drilling in Edmonton?
With more than 500 pieces of heavy equipment located throughout Alberta, we have the tools and the manpower required to handle any job.
Our Edmonton directional drilling team always comes prepared, with the ability to take on both residential and commercial jobs.


Calgary Directional Drilling

Looking for directional drilling in Calgary?
We also service the Calgary area and can be on your job site with just a few days notice.
We are proud to have long-term Calgary clients who trust us with their directional boring needs, and look forward to further establishing Pidherney’s as an industry leader in the heart of the new west.
If you are looking for a Calgary directional drilling company that sets the bar high and never under-delivers, Pidherney’s is the right choice for you.


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