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From small beginnings to large enterprises, Pidherney’s has continually excelled in all facets of safety. Pidherney’s strives to be icons of construction in Alberta; raising the bar to be leaders that perpetuate safety throughout their entire business.

For Pidherney’s, compliance with safety requirements are a significant part of how our overall company performance is evaluated. By instituting safety into every process, we reinforce the importance of putting safety and operations integrity first.

Through our Safety Program we have committed that safety is our number one priority and believe in zero tolerance of significant accidents or injuries. Our main goal is to ensure that all employees go home safe to their families!

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The first element of our safety management is leadership and accountability. Management is expected to lead by example demonstrating a visible commitment to safety, operations, and integrity. Managers establish policies, provide perspective, set expectations, and provide the resources for successful operations. Employees receive training in all aspects of their daily tasks and are deemed competent after an evaluation that incorporates training, time, and experience.

To meet the goals of our Safety Program, we enlist the help and support of everyone who affects safety in our work. The most effective way to do this is to assign responsibility for every action that contributes to operations and safety. Employees, contractors, sub-contractors and clients should be involved in the allocation of safety obligations. The opportunity for input helps ensure everyone accepts his or her safety expectations and provides the worker with a sense of control over their own safety.

Pidherney’s is also recognized for their Green Worker Program. This enables new-to-construction or young workers to enter the construction industry and learn a step by step process that instills safety and brings a new worker confidence and experience, leading to a possible long-term career in construction.

Emulating the company slogan in Safety and Production; “Driven to Excel from Start to Finish”, Pidherney’s is proud to offer training and certification to new employees, as well as continued training for current employees. The ability to do so keeps our employees safe and our company running strong - from Start to Finish!