Pidherney’s Inc. has 4 Tridem-Axle Hydrovac units with an 8” boom hose with 6”-2” conversion and 1 Tandem-Axle Hydrovac unit with an 6" boom hose with 6"-2" conversion. We also have two Steam Units for all your washing and steaming needs as well as a Tandem Axle Vacuum Truck and multiple Water Trucks to support any project.

All units are equipped with the tools to complete any project effectively and efficiently. Ask about our extensive list of support equipment for all your project needs. Includes but is not limited to; rig mats, floc tanks and water storage tanks.

We use engineered bonding mats, have remote hose available if required and all our trucks come with competent and qualified operators and assistants.

Pidherney’s is Pre-Qualified for Fortis Power Locates. Our operators receive frequent training to keep them qualified for any and all projects.

We provide services to Oilfield, Industrial, Commercial and Residential clients Alberta wide. 

Our Hydrovac Services Include:

  • Hydrovac Line Locating
  • Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Utility and Communication Exposure
  • Fibre Optic Line Exposure
  • Snow/Water Removal
  • Sump Cleaning
  • Pipeline Daylighting
  • Mud, Fluid, Septic, & Debris Removal
  • High Voltage Locating
  • Cleaning of Flock and Frac Tanks
  • Slot Trenching
  • Pilings and Post Hole Excavation
  • Fibre-Optic Line Exposure
  • High-Pressure Washing
  • Trench Box Installation
  • Spill Cleanup
  • Underground Exploration
  • HDD Support
  • + More
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