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Driven To Excel From Start to Finish





Booster Site

Start Date: July 2018

End Date: August 2018

Job Description:  Pidherney’s Inc. is building a booster site for a client in Fox Creek, AB. Gravel to be hauled on this site estimated 13,000 tonne - supplied and delivered. Anywhere from 10-15 personnel on site at any given time. List of Equipment:
  • D9T Caterpillar Dozer
  • D8T Caterpillar Dozer
  • D6T LPG (GPS)
  • 470G John Deere Excavator
  • 30 Ton Rock Trucks
  • 815F Packer
  • 14M Grader (GPS)
Edmonton International Airport

Start Date: April 2018

End Date: Fall of 2018

Scope of work for the EIA Perimeter Road Construction, Phase 1&2: Construction of 4-party trench (1,600m), with commissioning and removals of existing overhead lines; removal of existing road and unsuitable fills (35,000m3), stripping and stockpiling topsoil (18,000m3), common excavation from stormwater borrow pond (15,000m3) including ditching; construction of deep utilities (1800m of water main, 1500m of Sanitary, 100m of Storm) including main tie-ins, manholes, storm culverts, erosion controls, etc;  new 4-lane roadway (1,800m with 580mm total road structure), including tie-ins, temporary and new accesses, painting, lighting, signalization; and final landscaping.
Landfill Construction

Start Date: March 2018

End Date: July 2018

The scope of work is to complete tree clearing (13 ha), mulching & salvaging timber, and Muskeg stripping to stockpile (75,000m3); common excavation for bearms roads, clay layer (135,000m3). As of May 18 we are partially complete the clay and layering system; installation assistance for double-layer geosynthetic liner system, tie-ons into Cell 4, sand protection layer; supply and installation of leachate collection piping, risers, pipeline tie-in, with full extraction and distribution system; final construction of roads, ditching, turnaround pads, topsoil and seeding, lock block barriers, etc.


Merv stresses that Pidherney’s is not merely a trucking or construction company.
“You’ve got to give back to the community,” says Merv…

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Employee Appreciation

Al Sanders

Al was nominated for the significant impact he has already made in his first 3 monthsat Pidherney’s regarding IT concerns.

He always goes the extra mile when assisting those with IT concerns and follows up a few days later to ensure the issue has been resolved as expected.

Al has been an excellent addition to our IT team and we look forward to entering the New Year, and many years ahead, with such a valuable team member. Thank you, Al!